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The Global Confederate Empire (GCE) is determined to lead the new world into a Golden Age, but Leon Winter is determined to be the one person capable to change the flow. He will fight against the will of machines and corporate authoritarianism, to ensure human free will has a chance to survive against the oppressive forces that want to stamp it out. 

Wonky kingdoms. Overpowered kind witches. A talking horse who likes to gamble. A fatherly sea dragon. Bard. Two gay kings of old. And one man fated to retrieve a holey cup. All revolving around a strapping handsome prince, nicknamed the 'Once and Future King', who is on a deliver-sword quest to retain his rights to his favorite reading materials. 

When two martial warriors must face the worst side of humanity to save it, and try to save each other in the process.

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An indie novelist who writes experiences from interesting perspectives.

"I'll be very clear. I don't support AI learning on my novel content. It's a questionable minefield.  And I'll get very salty if someone does a better job than me with my works." 

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