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The God Faction Wars

The Global Confederate Empire (GCE) is determined to lead the new world into a Golden Age, but Leon Winter is determined to be the one person capable to change the flow. He will fight against the will of machines and corporate authoritarianism, to ensure human free will has a chance to survive against the oppressive forces that want to stamp it out.

The Twin Jades of Tesha

Zan, Yueliang and Shia, Asta were born to distinct Blood Gem lineages from different realms, but they found a common bond within each other. Even if their lives are already decided on fates defined by the Majestic Peace Order, both men are determined to reshape their own destinies to whatever ends.  The cause and effect from their efforts is not simple. Especially, when the world is about to enter a five thousand year calamity. And a rumored start to chaotic Blood Gem Wars, which would further disrupt the natural order.

To Trust A♥Man 

Adam Thornton was supposed to fly out to London for his overseas T-Strike deployment, but unforeseen impacts caused his plane to be canceled. 

Still recovering from a broken heart at seeing his unrequited love (Bradley James) in the arms of T-Strike's Oceania CEO (Adrian Masters). He had intended to wipe the slate clean and make amends with his short project stint for the company.

Nothing was going to plan. And worse, due to a snap State of Emergency across his city, he finds himself in lockdown with Joel Parker, T-Strike's Europe CEO.

Sparks fly, hearts race, and tensions rise in this fast-paced, corporation romance between two complex personalities. 

Going against his father’s wishes, Leon Brackshaw became part of the Eolas Martial Warrior Sect. A man without ambition until he meets Anri Eaton, a wealthy lord’s son. A new meaning is given to his definition of a Martial Warrior’s Heart. His views of the heart. The forbidden love of his life. Sins of his mother. These aspects could reshape humanity’s fate for better or worse. 

An epic action and fantasy saga of four brothers and their shared destinies to either save or destroy their world called Sol. 

"Yes. I want to be strong. For my husband's life, I will fight, even until death takes me..."

Yukiko Asura was revered by all of Snow Peak Mountain as the Fair Lotus Blossom Maiden. The heart of this amicable woman belonged to Raiden Mizua, a martial warrior. 

But, her dream of being a doting wife to Raiden came to a traumatic stop when bloodthirsty demons invaded their wedding.

She was left with no choice but to seek out the Golden Core Mountain Martial Sect for help. As the sole survivor capable to avenge her family's death, destroyed home, and seek the cure for her beloved's disease before it eats his soul essence.

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