Contact Me?

If you would like to contact me and have a chat, there are a couple ways


One of the easiest ways to keep in-touch with me real-time is via Plurk. A tool similar to twitter, but where posts go sideward not downward. Unless on mobile app, where it more or less works the same as Twitter.  You'll find me mostly here, talking to myself and noting my writing journey.  I hope to be able to engage with others there one day in civil conversation.

The benefits of Plurk are having private group discussions and being on a tool familiar with Twitter. If you know Twitter, you should pick up this one easily.  My plurk link below, which is also on the homepage widget. However, you'll need to be accepted on my friend's list to DM me and be part of the private chat group.



Pixiv has a private message function where I can be reached. However, you need to sign up to the site to contact me.  

Refer to Pixiv's help  link for more details.