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When two martial warriors must face the worst side of humanity to save it

A man determined to save his brothers. In doing so, protect his world called Sol, which exists in a bygone alternative era

An Arthurian based legend, not like an Arthurian based legend. Wonky kingdoms. Overpowered kind witches and a gay prince on a deliver-sword quest to retain his rights to his favorite reading materials.

Author Rambles

About Veronica

a.k.a. Veronica8, Verochan, Vero. Veronica is an indie author who writes experiences from interesting perspectives.

Boys' Love became a passion when a story they wrote helped another person understand their own turbulent, coming of age, feelings.

Although, Veronica has been around the internet for a long time and something like an online onion weed, they have yet to leave their mark on the literary world.

"I'll be very clear. I don't support AI learning on my novel content. It's a questionable minefield.  And I'll get very salty if someone does a better job than me with my works." 

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